Here are some of the artists and photographers we are currently featuring in the gallery.

Morrin Bass

We are featuring in the New York artist Jimmy Aponte in the galley. Jimmy is an amazing artist who is most known for his perspective of the beauty of the NYC street in an unique artistic style. He tries to give a vision of New York City from a skyline, street level, down low, and an over-all view of the city.

Jimmy Aponte - NYC, NY

Peter I., paints amazing works of art featuring Philadelphia and other cool landmarks. Mainly painting with oil and acrylic paints, he tries to capture the essence and feeling of the City of Brotherly Love.

Peter I. - Brooklyn, NY

We are featuring beautiful wood women sculptures by artist Donald Keesey in the gallery. From Voorhees, NJ, Don started making wooden women sculptures as a hobby, which provides some relaxation. These sculptures are made from various fine woods and come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Stop in and check them out.

Featured Artists

St. Joseph // The TeacherKeng Lau

Growing up in Harlem and later Brooklyn, NY in a predominantly African-American neighborhood. His art work is heavily influenced by the inner city urban hip hop and street culture. Many of his iconic images were imagined and inspired by the struggle of not having the means to fit in. His ever-wanting need to be “fresh” back in the day, required the popular yet expensive street attire, to be socially accepted. Displaced in a world not his own, he was able to survive through hard work and artistic desire.  Keng shows you what is “Fresh” and what dreams of acceptance signify in his work. And through several of his images, he shows not only the grandness, but also how unattainable the dream of acceptance is to a child of poverty. “3-D Surround Printing” process; Keng’s work is very special, and considered “Blue Chip Art” because of  it’s uniqueness and rarity.

Keng Lau - Cortland Manor, NY

Keng 1MJ VitruvianLast Tempation of StewieLogo



Gabby Grife

Susan Kessler - Bucks County, PA

Don Keesey - Voorhees, NJ

Susan Summerton

Photographs from the Umbrian region of Italy by photographer Susan Kessler from Bucks County, PA. She is here through June but you can always see more on her web site

Sue Summerton 1